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Rs 80,000 Crore Irrigation Project !


The Vision of K.C.R

The Vision of Honorable Chief Minister of Telangana

Future Proof

Future Proof!

Kaleshwaram Project can Lift
3 TMC a Day!

Silent features of Kaleshwaram Irrigation Project

Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is claimed to be the costliest irrigation project to be taken up any State in India till date. With an estimated cost of  80,5000 crores, it is said to be a key promise of Telangana’s TRS Government. The Engineering giant Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited is proud to be the part of this Engineering marvel.The TRS Government has redesigned the project enabling to store more water. After conducting highly advanced Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Survey it has redesigned the head works, storage capacity and the canal system based on the date of availability of the water at different location along the course of Godavari and its tributaries.

Rare Features of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project

1) Highest pump and motor capacity in package 8 and each is 139 MW and Total 7 pumps and Biggest underground pump house in Pkg 8.
2) Per day 3 TMC lifting is Big & It can Serve Future Generations ! Hence we call it Future Proof.
3) Highest power consumption Scheme in Asia
4) Longest tunnel in Asia 203 in single scheme ( But not single tunnel)
5) Biggest underground surgepool in Package 10
6) New Barrages and Pump Houses each 3

Kaleshwaram Project, The Longest Irrigation Project in Asia!

The Kaleshwaram project has provision for the storage of about 148 tmc ft with plans of utilising 180 tmc ft by lifting at least 2 tmc ft water every day for 90 flood days.The project is aimed to irrigate around 37 lakh acres in the 15 districts of Telangana. It got the longest tunnel to carry water in Asia, running up to 81 KM between Yellampally barrage and the Mallannasagar reservoir.

Kaleshwaram Project, in The Media

Kaleshwaram Project Details

kaleshwaram project canal routes
Kaleshwaram Project

Existing Online balancing reservoirs
1. Sripada Yellampalli Project – 20.175 TMC
2. Mid-Manair Dam – 25.875 TMC
3. Upper-Manair Reservoir – 2.20 TMC
4. Kadam Project – 7.60 TMC
5. Masani Tank – 0.13 TMC
– TOTAL – 55.98 TMC

Farmers Working in fields
KCR at Kaleshwaram Project
CM KCR Reviewing Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project

Proposed Online storage reserviours
1. Barrage at Medigadda with FRL 100.0 m – 16.17 TMC
2. Barrage at Annaram with FRL 120.0 m – 11.9 TMC
3. Barrage at Sundilla with FRL 130.0 m – 5.11 TMC
4. Medaram Online storage – 0.78 TMC
5. Ananthagiri Online storage – 3.50 TMC
6. Sri Ranganayaka Sagar (Imamabad Online storage) – 3.00 TMC
7. Sri Komaravelly Mallana Sagar (Tadkapally) – 50.00 TMC
8. Malkapet Online storage – 3.00 TMC
9. Konda Pochamma Online storage (Pamulaparthy) – 7.00 TMC
10. Amarlabanda Online storage – 5.00 TMC
11. Katchapur – 2.50 TMC
12. Thimmakka Palli – 3.00 TMC
13. Issaipet – 2.50 TMC
14. Bhumpally Online storage – 0.09 TMC
15. Gujjal Online storage – 1.50 TMC
16. Katewadi Online storage – 5.00 TMC
17. Mothe Online storage – 2.90 TMC
18. Kondem Cheruvu – 3.50 TMC
19. Gandhamalla Online storage – 9.87 TMC
20. Baswapuram Online storage – 11.39 TMC
— TOTAL – 147.71 TMC

Kaleshwaram Project Cost

– The Cost of Kaleshwaram Project  is Rs 80,000 crores. Kaleshwaram Project  is the costliest irrigation project undertaken by any state of the country.

– Kaleshwaram Lift irrigation project is Being Constructed to irrigate 18 lakh acres of land in 13 districts of Telangana State, stabilising another 17 lakh acres in another 7 districts – This is Nothing But, Virtually covering the entire Telangana state.

– Kaleshwaram irrigation project will also be providing drinking water to several Small and Medium towns and cities of the state, especially to Hyderabad and Secunderabad Cities. Kaleshwarm Project is the irrigation project will provide water to industries in many States of India.

Kaleshwaram Project envisages diversion of 180 TMC of water by construction of barrage across river Godavari at Medigadda near Kaleshwaram, and two more barrages between Medigadda and Sripada Yellampally Project at Annaram village and Sundilla village to convey water to the command area spread over in 13 Districts of Telangana through components such as canals, tunnels, lift systems, reservoirs, and distributory network for irrigating an ayacut of 18,25,700 acres against the original proposed ayacut of 16,40,000 acres.

The project had been conceived to convey water to the command area through components such as canals, tunnels, lift systems, reservoirs, and distributor network . The entire project is divided into seven links and 28 packages. Being a multipurpose project, it is also contemplated to provide 10TMC of drinking water for enroute villages and 30TMC of drinking water for twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad; and 16TMC of water to industries in addition to agriculture. The total power requirement for this project is estimated to be is 4628 MW.

The project is programmed to be completed by June 2022.The proposed project reduces the submergence in the state of Maharashtra and eventually becoming mutually agreeable. The total forest area needed for the project is 2866 ha 18. (approximately) and other area needed is 31871.8 ha (Rounded to 32000 ha).

Power Requirement for Kaleshwaram Project

The Total Power requirement for the Project is 4627 MW and the overall energy required for the Project is 13558 MU (Million Units). Power to various lift points is to be availed from the respective power supply authorities. The Power supply shall be met from the DG sets of adequate capacity and shall be installed for putting into service in case of power failure for lighting and colonies.

Megha Engineering Private Limited is spearheading in this task. It has, so far involved in the linking of five rivers. Purushottapatnam project which links rivers Godavari and Yeluru was completed in record time. Prior to this, Krishna, Godavari Rivers were linked through Pattiseema Project. Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited has achieved numero uno position in the field of river linking. It played a vital role in linking the rivers in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. It has been the motto of the company to finish the projects, within the specified time, however complex it may be. With the State-of-the-Art technology and dedicated work force, Megha is creating records in completing the complex projects within the specified time.

Pride of India

The Largest Project in the Country

Future Ready

Ability to Serve Future Generations

Latest Technology

Megha Engineering

Largest Project

Total length : 1832 km

Kaleshwaram Project Map

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